Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Top Vacation Destinations to visit this October

October month can be depicted as a magical time around the year, as this marks the crop season, time to decorate homes with pumpkins on porticos, breathe in the smell of bonfire smoke in the cool and refreshing Autumn air. Besides, this is the right time to call a few vacation destinations that you’ve might have been hankering to see!! So,  discover the awesome vacation destinations, that Booking Lettings is bringing before you, to visit this October, and check out if they are on your bucket list!!!

Rhodes Islands - Dodecanese Islands - Greece

Greece: October can be one of the best months in Greece. The atmospheric condition is still tender and the crowds are few at this time of the yr. This is the finest time to travel to the Greek Islands and combine high chances of perfectly good conditions with low season rates, which will aid you to stay inside your budget. Where to head to in Greece? The numerous shorelines of Greek islands, Dodecanese Islands, in particular, are worth visiting and are also warm and friendly at this time, and though you may expect an occasional rainfall, still worth the shot!!

Tuscany - Italy

Italy: October is definitely the month to visit Italy if you’re a food and festival buff. This time of month you’d truly see the beginning of the autumn season and it’s the most pleasing sight you’ll set out to experience. Besides, you might need your sunglasses as well as your umbrella both at the same time as one can anticipate a slight downpour now and then. Beaches may look crowdier, but Inner Italy may still be a lovely sight to have a look at!!


Croatia: This month of the year is an off season for travelers most of the time and the temperatures are mildly pleasant to work outdoors. Though you can see rainfall at times, you can even enjoy some heat from the sunlight. The best style to enjoy Croatia with little crowds is either via air or ground travel. Visiting Croatian Islands at this point of time is a good choice, but beware, ferries wouldn’t be as frequent as you baffle to see during the summer holiday season.


Mauritius: If you want to sample the tropical Sun at a tranquil beach in this October, Mauritian beaches are the ones to head to, as Winter is about to end and the warm and humid summer is only about to start. If you are a watersports fan, then Mauritius in October is the best goal. Pack for light summer clothes and sunblock and you’re all ready to work and enjoy the October in dry, warm and sunny beaches on the Indian Ocean islands.

Trafalgar Sqaure - London

London: with the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn, London, England, wears of a beautiful hue of colors of the leaves, a spooky charm for its Halloween. Also, October becomes cooler compared to its summer months and the temperatures are balmy and pleasant. If you’re a food lover, then head towards the London Restaurant Festival, declared one month long and enjoy the explicit cuisines, or you can also enjoy Halloween, in a fresh manner, different from the subroutine. By the end of the month, most places are much discreet, making this an enjoyable time to go if you desire to evade the masses.

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Top 5 Vacation Destinations to be on your list this Septmeber

September is around the corner, and it is the perfect month for touring around few popular vacation destinations around this time of the year, as it is neither hot nor too cold. It is the perfect time for travellers who love trekking, cycling or to even escape away from the summer crowds. Many might contemplate for the perfect autumn getaway destinations, looking for fun, sun and adventure. Look no further, as we list out the 5 best places to visit this September.

 Turkey: September and October are pleasingly warm, so are archetypally the best times to stopover Turkey's majestic array of ancient sites. The temperatures will be perfect to lounge along the sea side or by a pool. The shops by the turquoise coasts are cheaper and the crowds are fewer in these two months. Istanbul and Cappadocia are namely to see among other cities at this time of the year.


Maldives: Although, September and October months see the hard rainfall, the sun shines brilliantly through the daytime and the temperatures are moderate to enjoy a sunny beach side lounging in the Maldives. The crews will be scarce and the prices are little lower than ever and one can experience a peaceful visit when compared to the summer crowds.

Dubai Fountain - Dubai

 Dubai: Like any other summer months, Dubai’s arid climate remains the same even in September and October with no rain. Though the temperatures start to drip, the highs stay at 38oc and Dubai Music Week is one major attraction you can crack out this September apart from umpteen numbers of things you can make out.make out.


Croatia: Want to enjoy the summer sun even at this tme of the year? Then take your suitcases and head to Croatia for a late summer sunlight. Every bit of the absolute peak season for tourism is over, the prices for the hotels and other accomodations are cheaper, and Croatia, having watched a clean number of rain during July and August, nature is absolutely stunning during September and October. You can enjoy striking islands in the Adriatic, breathtaking beaches, beautiful ports, Venetian architecture and more.


Greece: The best time to travel to the Greek islands and to enjoy the beaches of Greece is from late May to early October when the weather is just fine and there’s little rain. Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos are best during the month of September. 

     While we come about more destinations to visit, what are you waiting for? Pick the dates and grab your bags; Enjoy the vacation destinations peacefully and relaxedly unlike your previous trips. Book your rental accomodations, Vacation rental homes, vacation rental apartments, Beach House resorts, Golf Course villas, luxury comfort homes, according to your budget, with us, through  Happy vacations!!

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